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Laser Cut

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At MAQUISUR1999 we have a wonderful cutting laser. Thanks to its great power, it is capable of making all kinds of cuts in different materials, such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum… and a wide variety of thicknesses. From a job of less than 1 millimeter, to a job of several meters, no surface resists the power of our Fiber Laser.

Laser cutting is a technique used to cut sheet metal parts, it can be steel, iron, aluminum and even brass. Characterized by using a fiber laser tube that generates the laser beam by passing the light from a diode through a fiber optic cable doped with very rare elements in nature such as ytterbium or neodymium, which amplifies the power of the light that focuses electrons on the work surface, in order to evacuate the cut material it is necessary to supply a pressurized gas such as oxygen, nitrogen or argon.

Thanks to laser cutting, we can place urgent orders to companies or businesses that place such orders, we also greatly speed up the construction of our new machinery, and even sporadically allow us to carry out decorative work for all our clients.

laser cut

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Trabajo Maquisur corte láser
Trabajo corte láser 2
Trabajo corte láser 3


At Maquisur we want to provide solutions tailored to your needs, in any production line. From the project and personalized design of machinery, training in start-up and maintenance, going through its updating, repair and preventive maintenance.


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